Emergency directive

In the event of an emergency, always call the reception!

Tel. 03 7666 330

Security personnel:

Ari Yrjölä p. 0500 444 177

Marjo Yrjölä p. 050 550 1776

Evacuation plan

You can find the villa-specific evacuation plans near the front door of the villa.

En case of fire – Don’t breathe the smoke!

  1. When you hear the voice of fire alarm or if you see the smoke react immediately
  2. Call 112
  3. Put out the fire if that is safety
  4. Go out
  5. Guide the fire department to the scene.

Emergency first aid

Call 112 and do this:

Protect breathing

  1. Confess with your cheek, is it breathing?
  2. If breathing, roll onto side and pull chin away from chest.
  3. Follow the breath.
  4. If not breathing, start CPR.

Secure blood circulation

Stop profuse bleeding by pressing directly on the wound with your hand. Then prepare a pressure bandage of available supplies. Remove tight clothing.

First aid

You can find up-to-date first aid instructions at this link: First aid instructions – Finnish Red Cross