In case of water damage or power outage

Water damage 

In case of water damage follow these instructions:

  • Check where the main valve is.
  • Close the main valve to minimize the water damage.
  • Turn the electricity off.
  • Remember to report our janitor about the water damage. You must call to the reception and inform our staff.
  • In case of emergency to humans call the emergency number 112.

Power outage

Power cuts usually be deriver from national failure and the power will be recover by 15-20 minutes. The development of regional power cuts can be followed at the address

In case of power cut follow these instructions:

  • Check where the switchboard is
  • Check the cause of the power failure
  • Inform other people about the power cut
  • Remember to be extremely careful with candles if you are using them. If you need more lights example candles please call to reception  (tel. 03 7666 330)
  • If power cut been continued more than one hour we recommend to use fireplace, if your villas have one
  • Please don’t open outdoor often, when the power cut is on
  • If power cut endure long time pleacse don’t use toilets or showers. ¨From the hunting lodge you will find two latrine for your use. Also electrical heating are off for use
  • If you notice that part of the electronics is missing, the fuse is probably blown. Then please take contact to reception
  • Charging of electric cars is possible only in places intended for them. Instructions for charging electric cars can be found behind to own QR code.