Instructions for using the door code

Instructions for using the door code:

Instructions how to use the door code:
1. Enter the four-number code you´ve received earlier by SMS/e-mail calmly one button of keypad (picture 1) at a time.
2. In the end, press lock-symbol down in the right corner. (Please note that Villa Vellamo or Villa Aurum doesn’t have key symbol in the keypad)
3. When you hear a signal sound, door is open. (Please don´t turn the handle down before the signal sound stops)
4. If you want to leave the door unlocked, press the selection button down (picture 2).
5. On the day of departure, push the selection button up to lock the door

HOX! If the code doesn´t work, please check the numbers before you retry. If you enter the code incorrectly five times in a row, the system gets locked for couple of minutes.