1. Do not smoke inside the cottage and always use provided ashtrays outside.
  2. Do not play music on terrace and outside after 10 pm.
  3. Do not burn candles outside on the terrace. Never leave burning candles alone and always use candles in holders.
  4. It is forbidden to make an open fire outside the barbeque hut.
  5. Do not throw paper towels or trash into the toilet.
  6. Keep the environment tidy. Clean up the bottles, cans and trash from the villa area. Do not throw anything to the nature.
  7. Do not lead electricity anywhere else than to your car for heating. If you need electricity for camper etc., contact the reception.
  8. Do not lead water from the cottage to anywhere else. For an example in children’s swimming pool.
  9. If you go for a long walk into the forest, please inform someone that you are going and take your mobile phone with youAlways ask for a permission to keep pets in the cottage. Keep your pet on a leash on the Lehmonkärki area. Pets are not allowed to swim on the public beach.
  10. The use of all equipment is on your own risk (playground, rowing boat etc.) Please take care of your children! Always put on a lifejacket when you go on the waters. You can find lifejackets at the shore in a small cottage which is located near the main building Isohaapa.
  11. You can find the CPR instructions in this file. In a case of emergency call 112!
  12. To protect the privacy of all our guests do not take photos of any other guests on Lehmonkärki area.The fire alarm can make a beep sound (even without fire or smoke). That means the battery is empty. Call the reception if that happens.
  13. Do not put ashes in the bin. Use only a metal container which locates next to the trash bins.
  14. There are no dangerous animals in the forest.
  15. Photographing the area with a drone is prohibited!