Remember on the day of departure


  • Check-out is from Monday to Saturday at 12:00 pm, and on Sundays at 18:00 pm


  • Please leave your villa and surroundings clean and if you have moved furnitures, please return them on right places.
  • Kitchen especially has to been cleaned, empty fridge and wash dishes. BBQ-area and BBQ has to be clean as well, but remember not to put ash in trash bins. Villa has to be in good general condition.
  • Please take your trash to trash cans. Don’t leave trashes on terrace, because animals might spread them. Trash cans are located near your villa.

Final cleaning is done as follows:

  • Wipe visible stains from surfaces
  • Wash the dishes by machine or by hand, if the villa does not have a dishwasher
  • Take the sorted garbage to the waste shed (energy and mixed waste). The collection containers for other waste (bio, cardboard packaging, recycled paper, glass and metal) are in the waste shelter next to the main building in Isohaapa
  • You can leave return bottles and cans in a separate plastic bag on the terrace of the villa or take them with you
  • Clean the grill if it has been used
    please note that the ashes must not be taken to waste bins

Hot Tub

  • If Hot Tub has been in use, remember to close the lid. Hot Tub shouldn’t be emptied and don’t switch it off. There is more info at the end of this video.

Rented equipmet

  • Please remember to return rented equipments e.g. fishing gear, tennis rackets or outboard motors.

Rowing boat

  • Rowing boat has to be on the shore and tightly tied. Take of the plug and leave it on the seat, please clean the boat.

Return your key

  • Please return your key to the reception, or to the box next to reception door.

When leaving your villa

  • Please, remember to lock all the doors even doors on terrace! In winter time remember to close ventilation windows. Villa has to be locked!


*If things mentioned above haven’t been done, we are legitimate to charge the person who has made reservation