Things to consider when moving in nature

If ice cover is weak

Nature can be unpredictable and cruel. Especially hikers and boaters need special skills to cope with accidents. In terrain and waters, the arrival of professional help may take a long time, and then the life is entirely in the hands of the hiker.

All possible emergencies need to be prepared in advance with both tools and knowledge and skills. The wise man also anticipates in nature. He avoids dangerous places such as marshes, quarries and weak ice places near power stations.

The one who walks on the ice must be prepared for the ice to fail. The rescue suit protects against wind and rain and keeps you dry and on the surface. Whistles voice goes beyond the call for help. Ice claws are a necessary accessory, because without them it is very difficult to pull yourself back on the ice. It is also good to have a rope. You should get yourself in a horizontal swimming position so you can get on the ice more easily. It is wise to return to the direction where you came from.

When saving another person from the ice, the place of accident must be approached with care and the end must be crawled. The victim will be handed a stick, or in lack of better options a scarf or a coat. The one who has been rescued should always be delivered to the hospital. Sauna and alcohol can be fatal, because of the blood circulation centers in core area.

How to dress when it is cold

The most common areas to freeze are fingers, toes, cheeks, nose and ears. In cold weather you have to help blood circulation in these areas. You can warm up your face with warm hands and remember to move your fingers and toes.

Smoking increases the risk of frostbite as nicotine reduces blood vessels. In cold weather, urine insulation increases, and it is therefore important to drink plenty of warm liquid. However, it is not advisable to enjoy coffee in the cold, as it also increases urine output and causes fluid loss.

The normal skin fat layer is best protection from cold. Avoid washing your face or using lotions when you are out in the cold. Many loose and thin clothes keep the cold away better than one thick piece of clothing, because the air between the layers of clothing is good at insulating heat. The footwear must also be loose and dry. Wool is an excellent material for excursion as it insulates heat even when wet.

You may not

Cause disturbance or damage to other people or the environment

Disturb game animals or birds during the breeding season

Cut down or damage standing trees

Collect moss, lichen, soil materials or fallen trees

Violate the privacy of people’s homes

Drop or leave litter

Drive motor vehicles off road without the landowner’s permission

Fish or hunt without the relevant permits.