Things to see and do in the vicinity

Sightseeing from Pulkkilanharju to Vääksy

During a tour from Pulkkilanharju through Kalkkinen and Vesivehmaa to Vääksy you will see and experience the views and tourist attractions just the way you want. You can go by your own car or motorbike. While you are driving on the bridges in Pulkkilanharju and you see the magnificent views, you remember why Finland is known as the land of thousands of lakes.

In the middle of the Kalkkinen village you will find Pihamaa Vineyard. Pihamaa ciders, wines and different kind of liqueurs are mainly made of the vineyards own raw materials and they are constantly growing popularity among all customers.

Car museum

When you continue the journey to Vesivehmaa you can visit the car museum. The museum has 30 museum registered cars and a few motorbikes. You can agree more details about visiting the museum with Antti Vähälä (tel. +358 405559265).


Idyllic countryside stable in easy access location halfway between Asikkala and Padasjoki. AMR-Stables offers horse riding year-around from beginners to experienced riders. We have well-trained and gentle horses and ponies suitable even for the youngest riders of the family. Forest trails start right next to the stables. For participating in country riding previous riding experience is required.


Located in Asikkala, the 18-hole Kanavagolf, built in 2003, is a 15-minute drive from Lehmonkärki. You can book a game time directly online. You can go to the range to practice with your family without a green card by paying a game token to the golf club. For the Par 3 course, we can organize a golf event for the group, where everyone does not have to have a green card.

Other vicinity golf courses:

Messilä Golf
Lahden Golf
Vierumäki Golf

Rural atmosphere in the villages of Asikkala

There are thirteen villages in Asikkala that offer genuine country idylls and wonderful personal services, shops and cafes. A tour of the villages is a nice day plan and you can easily spend the whole day on it. You can do the tour by car, motorcycle or bicycle. We rent bicycles from the reception.

The lively village of Kalkkinen is located in north-Asikkala. In the middle of Kalkkinen village you will find the Pihamaa wine and garden farm. Pihamaa’s wines, ciders, beers and various liqueurs are largely produced from the farm’s own raw materials, and they are constantly growing in popularity among customers. The cafe and farm shop are open during the summer. Mani-bar is known for its pizzas, and you can get everything you need from Lampinen’s village store. Canal of Kalkkinen and rapid of Kalkkinen, which is a nature reserve, are also worth visiting.

Urajärvi is the most eastern of Asikkala’s villages. Urajärvi Manor is a wonderful place to visit. There is an opportunity to participate in guided walking tours in the manor and the village. The museum cafe Hugo and Lily serves all summer. The Hägg zoological park museum is a personal destination, in a word, in the middle of the forest. The museum presents the history of the oldest zoo in Finland. There is also a small cafe connected to the museum.

The village of Vesivehmaa is known for its airport. Next to the airport, the Päijät-Häme aviation museum is worth visiting.

Kurhila-Hillilä village is the most western of Asikkala’s villages. A beautiful cultural landscape filled with fields and houses opens up to Vesijärvi from the Kylänraitti. You can find delicious self-baked products in the showcase of the lovely HilleRin cafe. From Mattson’s organic berry farm, you can take fresh berries with you to snack on the way, and from Pellavatupa Joentorppa you can buy useful and gift items made of linen, as well as products from local artisans. Pellavattupa also has the opportunity to get to know the observational performance From Pello to Wire. Presentations by advance reservation.