Enjoy your holiday here in Lehmonkärki! Here are few activities for you!

Here in Lehmonkärki we can always find activities for you and your family! We offer a lot of different opportunities. You can go swimming, golfing, snowmobiling, fishing etc. We even have a playground for the toddlers of your family! We also arrange playful tournaments for groups. If you want to experience something new and traditional, you can rent our smoke sauna. Smoke sauna is located on the shore of Lake Päijänne. Rowing boats and pedal boats are free to use for cottage customers.

Everyman’s right in brief

You may

  • walk, ski or cycle freely, except in other people’s yards and other land areas under specific use (such as fields and other cultivated areas)
  • stay or set up camp temporarily in areas accessible under everyman’s right (at a reasonable distance from homes)
  • pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers
  • go angling and ice fishing
  • use bodies of water for passage and other activities; this also applies to ice-covered water areas in winter

Play fields

During the summer season you can find a playground for kids from the Lehmonkärki area. There you can pay darts and play games. Next to the playground is a Pergo multi-field. There you can play tennis, basketball and floor ball. Equipment and turns can be booked from our reception. Pergo multi-field costs 20€/hour. Equipment are rented separately 5 €/each. Whole floor ball team equipment’s are 60 € which includes goals, sticks, balls and helmets for the goalkeepers. Our beach is located in front of the main building Isohaapa. You can come and play volleyball there or try our pedal boats. Pedal boats are available to our customers without any additional cost. The shore is shallow, so it is a very safe option for family with younger kids also. The popular Laune family park in Lahti is about a 40-minute drive away. There is something to do for the whole family, free entrance.

Hobbit Trail

The Hobbit Trail is situated at Lehmonkärki Resort and it is especially suitable for families with children. The trail starts at the main building of Lehmonkärki Resort and is suitable for walking, Nordic walking and mountain biking during summer and cross-country skiing during winter. The trail is marked with wooden signs and yellow marks painted on trees. The trail passes through beautiful lake and forest scenery at the surroundings of Lehmonkärki Resort. The service facilities along the trail are good: there is a campfire site close to the starting point of the trail and cafeteria and toilet at the main building. Trainers are suitable for this trail, but in rainy weather or early spring / late autumn the trail might be wet; therefore, waterproof shoes can be better alternative.

Lehmo Trail

The Lehmo Trail is situated at Lehmonkärki Resort and is especially suitable for day trips. The trail starts at the main building of Lehmonkärki Resort and is suitable for walking, Nordic walking and mountain biking. The trail is marked with wooden signs and red marks painted on trees and it passes through varying lake, forest- and village scenery at the surroundings of Lehmonkärki Resort.  The service facilities along the trail are good: there is a campfire site close to the starting point of the trail and a caféteria and toilet at the main building. The trail can be walked with trainers.

Frisbee golf

Frisbee golf (also known as disc golf) is a sport in which the basic principle is the same as the traditional golf: goal is to get from the start of the track to the end with as few throws as possible. The lowest result wins. Lehmonkärki frisbee golf track has 18 goals. We have marked the goals in a map for you; you can get the map from Lehmonkärki reception and also rent the Frisbees. We can also teach you the right technique if needed. The track takes about 2 to 4 hours. Golf track price is 3€ / day / person for our villa guests.



The bay in front of Lehmonkärki is super calm even for the beginner for SUP-boarding. SUP-boarding is good for your core and balance. You can rent SUP-boards during our reception hours.

Prices for SUP-boards

40 €/2 hours

60 €/1 day

Jet ski

This thrilling activity is an experience you must try at least once in your lifetime! The whole family can participate in this fun experience, and at the same time you can enjoy the beautiful Lake Päijänne.

Ask more information from the sales.

Fishing trip

Welcome fishing with us! Trolling and spin fishing are popular activities here on Lake Päijänne. Fishing trip is an experience. Probably each and every one of us remembers the first fish they have caught. This trip is an experience for everyone. You can rent outboard motor to your rowing boat, or you can rent console boat, with a guide or without a guide. Fishing licenses and equipment can be rented from Lehmonkärki reception. Fishing licenses are 8 €/piece. A guided fishing trip includes fishing-raft with fishing equipment, guiding and permits as well as coffee and sandwich. Tours are organized from May to October. If needed, we can lend you the needed clothes. The trip takes 2 -3 hours.

Cycling tour to Pulkkilanharju (Pulkkila Bridge) or to Vääksy

Rent a bicycle from Lehmonkärki and go for a cycling tour! By cycling you can enjoy the magnificent scenery and excellent bike routes. In summertime you can find information boards to Pulkkilanharju Nature trail next from the Karisalmi Bridge. The distance between Lehmonkärki and Pulkkilanharju is about 14 kilometers. Ask more information from the sales.

Snowmobile trip

Come and experience the sensations of Päijät-Häme’s lake and ridge scenery. No previous experience is necessary because the guide will advise you the safe use of snowmobiles. Snowmobile safari can be chosen based on the skills of participants. You can choose everything from short beginner rides to long safaris for more experienced riders. Tour operator offers the necessary equipment (helmets, hoods, overalls, boots, and gloves) and guidance.

We can arrange snowmobile events ranging from an hour-long snowmobile training to a full-day and full-service snowmobile safari. Good snowmobiling routes, expert guides and a wilderness cook during the breaks will crown your group’s enjoyment.

Minimum is 3 snowmobiles.  Ask for a quantitation. Snowmobiles are insured. Deductible 1000€/snowmobile.

The Lehmonkärki area snowmobile route network is one of the best known in Finland: plenty of snowmobile competitions have been arranged here. The magnificent ridge scenery and the large and frozen Lake Päijänne offer exotic experiences that are unforgettable even for a more experienced snowmobile driver.